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Whilst most people would never consider driving a vehicle without car insurance, would you believe less than a third of us actually insure our most important assets – our income, our lives, our ability to support our families.

At WCG, we firmly believe that one of the most critical components of any comprehensive financial plan is protecting your personal and financial wellbeing from unforeseen illness, injury, permanent incapacity, traumatic illness or death.

We will assist to structure a risk management strategy to determine the most appropriate insurance solutions specific to your individual circumstances.


We highly recommend that all our members obtain protection for themselves, in the same way we readily protect and insure our cars and homes, as we have seen first-hand the invaluable benefits a comprehensive insurance strategy can have in difficult and painful times.

  • LIFE INSURANCE – provides a lump sum in the event of the death of the insured person.

  • TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABILITY (TPD) INSURANCE – provides a lump sum in the event the insured person is never able to work again due to illness or injury.

  • INCOME PROTECTION INSURANCE – replaces a portion (usually around 75%) of the insured person’s regular income if they are unable to work temporarily, or ever again, due to illness or injury.

  • TRAUMA (OR CRITICAL ILLNESS) INSURANCE – provides a lump sum in the event the insured person is diagnosed with an insured condition.  Various types and severity of cancer, heart attack, stroke and many other conditions are covered.


Each type of insurance plays its part in a portfolio and it’s important to review your levels of insurance regularly.

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