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The countdown to retirement usually starts within five years of retirement. Review and refocus all of your goals, ensure its on target.

By using our proven and specialised CARE Investment Philosophy, we start a pre-retirement plan, so you have a clear understanding of what you need to do now, in order to achieve your vision of successful retirement.

Countdown to Retirement  is designed for people who:

  • Are approaching retirement age, who are actively planning and seeking guidance on optimising their financial portfolio for a smooth transition

  • Aim to assess their current financial standing and create a strategic plan to ensure a comfortable retirement

  • Have a desire to maintain a high standard of living throughout retirement

  • Are looking for guidance on how to rebalance assets, minimise risk, and ensure a sustainable income during retirement

  • Have become empty nesters, providing a comprehensive financial strategy to adapt to changes in expenses and redirect resources towards retirement savings

  • May have undergone significant life changes such as divorce, inheritance, or windfalls, offering tailored financial advice to align their retirement goals with newfound circumstances

  • Are contemplating early retirement, offering insights into the financial implications, potential lifestyle adjustments, and ensuring a secure financial foundation for the years ahead


  • HOLISTIC FINANCIAL PICTURE: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your overall financial situation, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities

  • FINANCIAL GOAL REFOCUS: Review and tracking of goals, adjustment of objectives and strategies to ensure goals are met 

  • TRANSITION TO RETIREMENT STRATEGY: Consideration of income sources during retirement, including pension, superannuation or a combination of both

  • SUPERANNUATION: Superannuation strategy review to effectively maximise tax benefits, with consideration to contribution limits, and investment strategy risk audit

  • RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGY: CARE Investment Philosophy



  • TAX PLANNING: Ensuring all assets are structured efficiently and tax is not paid unnecessarily in retirement

  • DEBT REDUCTIONAction plan to reduce debt in preparation for retirement

  • EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION: Gain a deeper understanding of financial concepts and strategies, empowering you to make informed decisions


Our Ongoing Advice Service is designed to track your progress, hold all parties accountable, and will make sure you remain disciplined with your long-term plans.

It also includes a range of ongoing services to ensure your financial well-being:

  • ANNUAL REVIEW: Meet atleast once annually to ensure your financial plan remains relevant.

  • DEDICATED ADVISER SUPPORT: Access practical money coaching and advice via phone or email.

  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: Continuous monitoring and adjustments to your investments.

  • ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE: Assistance with financial affairs and liaison with other professionals.

  • INSURANCE SUPPORT: Help with insurance matters, including underwriting and claims.

  • EDUCATION: Receive periodic economic and financial updates through various channels.

  • WEALTH PORTAL ACCESS: Exclusive access to our user-friendly tool for managing your finances in real-time.

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