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A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is designed for individuals seeking greater control and flexibility over their retirement savings, providing a personalised and hands-on approach to managing wealth for a secure and tailored financial future

Self Managed Super Funds is best suited to:

  • Individuals seeking greater control over their retirement savings

  • Those with a strong desire for hands-on management of their investments

  • Those wanting to leverage direct property investments within their superannuation

  • Business owners looking to align their superannuation strategy with their business goals

  • Investors interested in a diverse range of investment options beyond traditional funds

  • Individuals wanting flexibility in estate planning and passing on wealth to beneficiaries

  • High-net-worth individuals looking for more customised and sophisticated investment strategies

  • Individuals seeking to optimise tax strategies and minimise tax liabilities

  • Those with a long-term perspective on wealth creation and retirement planning


  • DETAILED AND COMPREHENSIVE INVESTMENT STRATEGY: A portfolio will be recommended based on the objectives of the trustees, free from bias between shares and property

  • SHARE AND MANAGED INVESTMENT RECOMMENDATIONS AND ADVICE: Our accreditation and specialisation allow for advice surrounding direct share investments and managed funds

  • RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY ACQUISITION: Cash flow and appropriateness analysis. Strategic approach and implementation

  • COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ACQUISITIONCash flow and appropriateness analysis. Strategic approach and implementation

  • INSURANCE RECCOMENDATIONS: Personalised wealth protection plans developed for members of SMSFs

  • OPTIMISED SUPERANNUATION STRATEGY: Receive recommendations to optimise your super, your contributions, and investments ensuring a robust retirement savings plan

  • ESTATE PLANNING: Guiding you through the essential components to be addressed. We equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding the protection and distribution of your asset


Our Ongoing Advice Service is crafted to cater specifically to the needs of Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) clients, ensuring meticulous attention to your unique financial situation and goals. It also includes a range of ongoing services to ensure your financial well-being: 

  • ANNUAL REVIEW: Meet atleast once annually to ensure your financial plan remains relevant.

  • DEDICATED ADVISER SUPPORT: Access practical money coaching and advice via phone or email.

  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: Continuous monitoring and adjustments to your investments.

  • ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE: Assistance with financial affairs and liaison with other professionals.

  • INSURANCE SUPPORT: Help with insurance matters, including underwriting and claims.

  • EDUCATION: Receive periodic economic and financial updates through various channels.

  • WEALTH PORTAL ACCESS: Exclusive access to our user-friendly tool for managing your finances in real-time.

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