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Whether you're dreaming of homeownership, facing financial challenges, or seeking a comprehensive financial health check, our Single Session Advice service provides personalised insights & strategies.

Single Session Advice is suited to people who are in a position to benefit from individualised guidance without the need for long-term commitment or ongoing advice. 


This offering is particularly advantageous for:

  • Young professionals starting their careers, seeking clarity on budgeting and investment strategies for a solid financial foundation

  • Couples planning to get married, desiring a clear financial roadmap as they embark on this new chapter together

  • Individuals or families looking to buy their first home, aiming to navigate the complexities of homeownership with tailored financial insights

  • Pre-retirees assessing retirement readiness, ensuring their financial plans align with retirement goals and objectives

  • Parents preparing for education expenses, receiving strategic guidance on funding educational aspirations

  • Individuals with windfalls, such as inheritances or bonuses, seeking customised plans for the strategic use of newfound assets

  • Individuals facing financial challenges or debt management, in need of solutions to overcome obstacles and improve financial health

  • Those seeking financial education and empowerment, desiring knowledge to make informed decisions independently

Single Session Advice Outcomes

The positive outcomes highlighted below illustrate the value and impact that our Single Session Statement of Advice can bring to an individual's financial journey, depending on the agreed scope of advice.

  • Clarity on Financial Goals: Gain a clear understanding of your financial goals and how to prioritise them.

  • Investment Strategy: Develop a personalised investment strategy aligned with your risk tolerance and financial objectives.

  • Budgeting Mastery: Learn effective budgeting strategies to manage your income and expenses more efficiently.

  • Retirement Readiness: Assess your retirement readiness and receive recommendations to optimise your retirement savings.

  • Homeownership Roadmap: Receive a roadmap for homeownership, including savings strategies and mortgage planning.

  • Strategic Use of Windfalls: Develop a strategic plan for managing windfalls, such as inheritances or bonuses.

  • Confidence in Financial Decision-Making: Build confidence in your ability to make sound financial decisions aligned with your goals.

  • Tailored Solutions: Receive personalised insights and recommendations tailored to your unique financial situation.

  • Customised Financial Guidance: Benefit from individualised guidance without a long-term commitment.

Your Financial Plan is comprehensive, personalised and contains

an easy to understand strategy presented within a Statement of Advice


WCG is a Fee for Service practice, so you will always know the exact cost before proceeding with any of our programs.

$1,800 Individual

This can also be split into 2 fortnightly payments of $900 or 4 weekly payments of $450

$2,400 Joint

This can also be split into 2 fortnightly payments of $1,200 or 4 weekly payments of $600

You may be able to pay for your financial plan (fully or partially) from your super. This method of payment is often preferred as it allows our clients an opportunity that may otherwise be out of reach.

1. Let's Get Started!

Our one-off Single Session Advice Fee is paid up front and is only charged once you agree to engage our services. It covers the costs of preparing your Statement of Advice (SOA) and implementation of recommendations.

All pricing includes GST.

Plan pricing is an indication only, and may vary depending on personal circumstances and level of complexity.

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