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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." –

WCG was born on the idea that things needed to change in the financial services industry.

There is a big problem in society today around the management of people's financial affairs;

the old system is broken and this is about defining a whole new generation of advice

The new advice model is underpinned by a new breed of professionals; one's that put the client first.

And the future is about collaboration of advice, not fragmentation.

It's financial advisers, accountants, mortgage brokers, and solicitors all coming together to provide holistic advice.

Gone is the "product-led" mentality of the past;

in is a new approach of forming true referral partnerships in the best interests of our clients.

James Morog 

Principal Adviser & Director

We believe that collaboration is key to success, and our clients benefit from access to a wide-reaching network of professionals, providing an extensive shared pool of tools, information, support and experience.

This collaborative approach brings with it a host of unique advantages and opportunities to our clients. With shared knowledge comes a wide range of benefits such as exposure to effective solutions, building long-term trusting relationships with key specialists and most importantly, unbiased guidance.






What's your background?

My journey into finance started with juggling a Bachelor of Commerce degree while working part-time in business banking. 

Following university, I moved into stockbroking where I worked on the trading desks of HSBC and E*Trade before embarking on a career in financial planning. 

I commenced my financial planning career just prior to the Global Financial Crisis, which taught me invaluable lessons in the areas of investment management, market risks and above all, navigating clients towards their goals through all life’s ups and downs.

After spending the better part of a decade as an Adviser at a Big 4 bank, I made the decision to start WCG and haven't looked back.

What made you want to be a Financial Adviser?

I think I was first drawn to finance from as far back as my early teens, when my father would teach me about the inner workings of the stock market and share trading. After my father was forced into an early retirement due to ill health, I saw first hand the impact something unexpected can have on your plans - and why having a strategy to manage life's curve balls was an integral part of planning for the future.

It's also a such rewarding job. I get to work with some pretty amazing people and build some great long lasting relationships.

Seeing the impact of our advice over the short and longer term, makes it all so worthwhile.

Why did you start WCG?

It's like the old saying goes; If you want something done right, do it yourself. The old system wasn't working so what we're trying to do here is bring a fresh approach to things.

Putting together a plan on paper is only half the job, bringing it to life by working with other professionals like accountants, mortgage brokers and solicitors is key to making sure the plan is successfully implemented. 

A bit more about you?

I consider myself a very lucky man. Happily married and a proud father of three beautiful children. 

My wife & I love travelling, having seen so much of the world already. We can't wait to do more as a family over the coming years.

Health and fitness is really important to me, but I also love my food. Our family fave is heading out to one of our local cafe's for breakfast.  

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