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Our programs are designed to help you

live the life you desire

No matter where you start out!

Which of our programs fit you best?

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Perfect Foundations

With the benefit of hindsight, most people would say that they wished they had started earlier when it comes to planning and building their wealth. 

We firmly believe you're never too young to start planning for your financial future.

Perfect Foundations is suited to people who:

  • Earn a regular income but never seem to know where it goes

  • Have financial commitments and or responsibilities

  • Are looking for help in budgeting and managing money

  • Have some ideas and goals about investing but not much in the way of assets yet

  • Would like to save for a car, holiday or first home

  • Want to better understand what super can do for them and what to look out for

  • Need to better understand insurances like Income Protection, Life and TPD and Critical Illness cover, but don't know where to start. 

Image by Irina Murza

Pathway to Wealth

The Pathway to Wealth is a proven and award winning, step by step financial management program that has been designed to help you build enough assets for a long, stress free and comfortable retirement.

Pathway to Wealth is designed for people who:

  • Earn a good salary and want to make it work harder

  • Are paying too much tax and want to reduce it

  • Have a desire to maintain a high standard of living throughout retirement

  • Are looking to develop a comprehensive financial strategy

  • Looking for practical cashflow and savings advice

  • Want to create an effective debt reduction strategy

  • Want to take their superannuation savings to the next level

  • Are seeking a tailored wealth protection strategy and address long-term insurance needs


  • Our Ongoing Membership is a monthly based subscription that can be cancelled anytime.

  • We keep you on track with a minimum of at least 1 face to face review per year. This ensures your plan is adjusted for changes to your personal circumstances, changes in the economy, investment markets and legislation — making sure you stay on track to achieve your goals.

  • Stay on target and keep your finances organised with Pro access to the WCG Wealth Portal App.

  • You also have peace of mind and support with any queries at any time. 

  • Behind the scenes we're regularly reviewing your strategy, to ensure your financial life stays on track.


  • Transparent and uncomplicated fee structure

  • Some of our fees could be paid from Super

  • Some advice fees can be tax deductible

  • No lock in contracts and cancel anytime when it comes to our Ongoing Membership subscription

  • Everything set out clearly in writing, before any work starts

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